Romantic Honeymoon : A Journey of Love and Bliss

4Nights 5Days      Port Blair, Havelock

Elevate your love story with our 4 nights and 5 days Romantic Andaman Honeymoon package. Amidst the idyllic beauty of Andaman, experience intimate moments on secluded beaches, share sunset cruises, and indulge in private candlelit dinners. Let Horizon Xplore create a symphony of love that weaves cherished memories against the backdrop of Andaman's enchanting vistas.


  • Day 1

    Arrival & Coastal Charms

    • Arrive to a warm and heartfelt welcome.
    • Your hotel room is a sanctuary, adorned with fragrant flowers.
    • Take a leisurely break and unwind after your journey.
    • Discover the serene beauty of Corbyn's Cove Beach together.
    • Relish in the magic of a historic light and sound show at Cellular Jail.
    • Return to your cozy haven and bask in each other's company.
  • Day 2

    Havelock Island Escape

    • Embark on a romantic cruise to Havelock Island.
    • Your room is a canvas of love, adorned with flower petals.
    • Share intimate moments and watch the sun dip into the horizon at Radhanagar Beach.
    • A complimentary photoshoot captures your love story against the backdrop of paradise.
  • Day 3

    Aquatic Adventures & Serenity

    • Sail away to Elephant Beach, a realm of underwater wonders.
    • Experience the magic of complimentary snorkeling hand in hand.
    • Dive into vibrant coral gardens and explore the aquatic beauty together.
    • Thrill-seekers can enjoy optional water activities.
    • Return to your oasis, rejuvenated and closer than ever.
  • Day 4

    Port Blair's Charms & Shopping Delights

    • Cruise back to Port Blair, holding hands in anticipation.
    • Embark on a captivating city tour, blending history and modernity.
    • Uncover hidden gems and indulge in local shopping delights.
    • Collect souvenirs as tokens of your time in this enchanting land.
  • Day 5

    Farewell with Eternal Memories

    • As your journey concludes, your hearts are filled with cherished memories.
    • Depart with a promise of love, forever entwined with the magic of Andaman.

Terms and Conditions


  • Heartwarming on arrival and departure.
  • Your hotel room adorned with love in the form of flower decorations.
  • Blissful beach moments, shared under the sun and stars.
  • The captivating magic of a light and sound show at Cellular Jail.
  • An unforgettable cruise to Havelock Island, where love blossoms.
  • A complimentary photoshoot captures your unique love story.
  • Dive into the underwater world with complimentary snorkeling.
  • A guided tour of Port Blair, where history and modern life converge.
  • Leisure time to explore, experience, and shop for memories.


  • Flexibility to arrange your preferred flights, as airfare is excluded.
  • Personal expenses and anything not specifically mentioned in inclusions.
  • Any expenses not explicitly mentioned in inclusions.

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